Ultima Borea

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Tavia lies on the western edge of the continent, about 50 miles from the ocean near the river Talus. The surrounding lands are plains and gentle hills.

North of Tavia a large mountain range, the Jurin Mountains which run for more than a thousand miles to the far north. Yola’s moonwell lies in a southern outlier of the range, about 100 miles north of Tavia. None of the lands north of Yola’s moonwell are currently part of Tavia. Only isolated “barbarians” and many “monsters” dwell here.

North of the moonwell, the range is pierced by only one river, the Rhan Kidor, said to mean “Roaring River” in a now lost language. This river runs from northeast to southwest. In places, the gorge it cuts through the mountains is well over a mile deep. The river exits from the mountains about 250 miles north of Tavia, traverses a fertile valley, the Loaden before cutting through some lesser mountains at the coast.

The Loaden valley pinches out about ten miles north of the river and the coastal mountains become part of the larger Jurin Range. Old roads provide some passage through the area but are not maintained and are rarely passable for long before some obstruction has to be bypassed.

Year-round snow capped peaks start near the moonwell and are common north of the Loaden valley. By about one hundred miles north of the valley, glaciers in the higher elevations are common and summers are very short.

Everything north of the river has been known as Ultima Borea since ancient times, although the true ultimate end of the mountain range is a thousand miles farther north.

Pulchra Umbra

Under the WItch King, many dark gods were worshiped. One of the most feared was Nocticula, ruler of the Midnight Isles in the Abyss and a place of sensual immorality and eternal darkness.

Patron of assassins, seducers and traitors, she is often a patron of anti-paladins. Founded 1500 years ago, before she assassinated Vyriavaxus, and before she claimed the shadow isles, Pulchra Umbra has long been a place of lust, darkness and horror.

The temple is very large, but, as suits its chaotic patroness, it is sprawling and ill-organized. Nominally ruled by the Lamia Matriarch Zynthra, said to be the first and oldest of Lamia, in reality there is an ever shifting arrangement of factions. Generally, the in-fighting is held to intrigues and the occasional assassination but sometimes outright warfare breaks out.

Ultima Borea

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