Tower of the Forni

This is an old tower, of the generation that first achieved soaring heights. It is on the westward side of the city surrounded mostly by abandoned towers: it’s distract fell into disrepute once the tower became haunted.

The tower is narrow, about 60 feet in diameter but over 250 feet tall. Like all the towers of this generation and later, it has a magically lifting platform in the middle, as well as a secondary staircases that were used just to move up or down a few floors.

There are 5 high ceiling (20’) floors to the 100 foot mark, at which point a full balcony and the tower resumes at 30’ wide tapering to 20’ at the point. The higher flowers vary from 10 to 15 feet spacing. There are 20 floors above the 100’ mark.

The Forni were a well respected family, known as sages and wizards. 300 years ago, there was a massacre within the tower. Legend says one of the Forni unleashed a balrog in the tower but no one really knows. What is known is that shortly afterward, strange lights were seen in the tower and ghosts sometimes came forth to cause ill or foreworn of doom. Over the next 50 years, the district became mostly abandoned.

Tower of the Forni

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