Crown of Iomedae

The crown of Iomedae is made of a mithril medallions linked together to form a flexible crown. Each medallion depicts a sunburst. There are no gems or other metals on it.

Note that Gareth did note know the crown was in the Iomedae statue at this temple. He did know the statue a radiated powerful aura of good but thought that was simply the blessing of the goddess on her statue (as, most likely, did anyone else who noticed the aura).

(The following is not a full Pathfinder magic item description, just the highlights from, Gareth, and form stories and legends.)

The ‘crown’ is so named because of its natural appearance. When worn, users can command it to take the form of a crown, head band, circlet, helmet, belt, girdle, or other similar gear of war. In any form, it appears as highly polished mithril with prominent sunburst symbols.

When worn, it provides auras of protection and grants the wearer the ability for its weapons and spells to penetrate the protections of evil outsiders (e.g., DR 10/law, etc.). This is especially useful for spell casters since they usually have trouble over coming outsider’s spell resistance. This ability is only against evil outsiders.

The crown also can provide some combat boosting abilities at-will to the wearer and a number of times per day to companions. Those using the crown are said to be enhanced in stature and appearance to make them seem like great leaders and orators.

Crown of Iomedae

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