Scrappers live in Tavia but with no particular affiliation. Some are clannish, living in a tower with other similar folk and abiding by the rules of a head-man or -woman who calls all the shots for those living in the tower. Others squat in a tower, live in shanty towns, or even in the plentiful underground passages of the city.

Scrappers start with 200 gold and no starting equipment, other than what they can purchase with the starting gold.

Scrappers can select 3 traits.

As a person living on the edge by wit or brute force, they can also select one of the following bonuses:

  • Only the strong survive: +2 constitution and one of the following feats: fleet, great fortitude, run, or fight-on
  • Sewer rat: bonus language from (orc, kobold, or suggest something similar), one extra skill per level and choice of two of the following feats: sneaky, go unnoticed, blind-fight, improvised weapon mastery, or self sufficient
  • Slum Sage: two extra skills per level, +2 bonus to intelligence, wisdom or charisma (20 max). One of brew potion, scribe scroll, or master craftsman (with 5 starting ranks, instead of 3 in your selected craft)

This option is underpowered but I don’t think anyone is seriously considering it. If you are, let me know and I will work on it (or take suggestions).


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