At the heart of the remnants of the old Empire, this character is either a member of the palace guard or a member of the royal family itself.

Palace Guard

Member of a storied corps with antecedents going back two millenia, a guardsmen is sworn to protect first the royal family and second Tavia. This loyalty is instilled from an early age, some say through magical means. Regardless, the guardsmen is dedicated and powerful.

As a member of the palace, you can expect the king to frequently demand significant tithes, contribution of time, or duties.


  • No traits
  • A bonus feat of your choice
  • +2 to con, and +2 to a stat of their choice (max 20 for both)
  • Starting gold is 10 GP
  • Jewelry worth 500 GP. Players choice but it should be something that adds to the magnificence and stature of the character, like a jeweled shield, buckle, etc.
  • +1 armor or weapon
  • master work armor and weapon (within reason)
  • The feat Imperial Guard, which grants +2 to saves, +2 to hit when defending the palace or a member of the royal family. The guardsman also suffers a -2 penalty on all rolls if the King ever declares the guardsman anathema for failing to follow his commands.
  • you also have one friend or patron in the royal family
  • residence in the palace tower and access to all palace resources, such as healers, library, mounts, etc., as long as you remain in the good graces of the king

Member of the Royal Family

Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, the royal family is very large. In fact, the royal family numbers in the 100s and nearly all positions except for royal guard are fulfilled by members of the family, from chief cook to all ministerial positions.

As a PC member of the royal family, you are a junior member still seeking to make your mark. You start with:

  • One trait
  • Either a bonus feat or one extra skill per level
  • 1000 GP of equipment of your choice
  • 1000 GP that you can take as any combination of coins, gems or jewelry of your choice
  • You must be human or half-elf
  • You’re membership in this illustrious and troubled family means you have a few friends, many powerful acquaintances and many enemies.
  • an extra trait if the character has a powerful enemy in the palace
  • residence in the palace tower


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