Military Orders

You are a member of one of the various military orders in Tavia. Several are described below and you can propose one of your own. Note that as a member of a military order, you are bound by oath and law to follow the orders of your chain of command. Desertion or insubordination carry heavy penalties, including death.

All members of a military order can gain one level 1 follower when they reach level 3 and a second when they reach level 6. These followers may be reassigned as meets the needs of the order but are generally loyal and follow your orders religiously, although they extreme mistreatment or other circumstances can result in less than loyal behavior. These followers will remain 2 levels behind the PC and are in addition to any other followers you may get through feats or class abilities.

Griffin Order

As a city of soaring towers and one beset by demonic foes who can fly, Tavia has long had a military order mounted on flying creatures. Originally mounted on griffins, the order these days uses almost any flying mount short of dragons (which are both too ravenous to afford and too dangerous to keep for lone).

As a member of the griffin order you get:

  • one trait
  • The skills fly, animal handling and ride, as class skills with “free” points each level for these skills. (Put another way, you get the class bonus and always have ranks in these skills equal to your level, without having to expend normal class skill points).
  • You start with 200 GP in any combination of coins, gems and jewelry
  • You start with 800 GP of gear and single use magic items, but no heavy armor
  • you have access to a flying mount, as do any followers you have. Propose a flying mount of your choice to the referee.

You are not expected to put your mount into excessive risk. Riders whose mounts are killed or seriously injured can not expect to be assigned a new mount any time soon, unless there is a very good reason for the injury.


These are the ground troops of the city state. Less exalted than the palace guard or the griffin order, they also tend to have fewer duties except in time of crisis.

In general, a Landser can expect fairly light duty: 2-3 days a week which will usually not interfere with adventuring – plus they request time away with a reasonable expectation of getting it. In game terms, a Landser doesn’t get a lot but not a lot will be demanded from him or her either.

Landser get:

  • Two traits
  • 100 GP in any combination of coins, gems or jewelry
  • 1000 GP of starting gear
  • One bonus feat
  • Access to the barracks and basic gear (replacement arms and armor, occasional healing potions and the like)

The Academy

Originally devoted solely to wizardry, the Academy these days includes paladins, rogues and various other professions. The unifying thread is that members must be clever and, while not unable to use force, prefer guile and wit for solving problems.

As a member of the Academy, you have been selected for particular aptitude and have received extra training. You get:

  • One trait
  • An extra 2 skill points per level
  • Any profession, craft or knowledge as a class skill
  • Access to the Academy library
  • With permission from the head of order, loan of occasional items from the Academy vaults
  • You start with 100 GP in any mix of coins, gems or jewelry, 400 GP Of gear, 1000 GP of one-use items, and indefinite loan of a magic item worth up to 4000 GP

Military Orders

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