Creating Characters

Rolling Stats

For stats roll 6×4d6, take best three, arrange how you like it. Do a set of 5 × 6×4d6. If you don’t like any of those, try one more set. If you still don’t like your stats, talk to me.

You can use any supplements you have for races or classes.

General Notes on Characters

Some of the more exotic races are essentially creatures corrupted by Shadow (e.g., fletchlings, ifirts, oreads, tieflings, and others.) Expect significant prejudice against them in the city, including laws restricting weaponry, use of magic, etc., although such restrictions are generally waived while a member of a military order or while a retainer in a noble or merchant house.

Players start with 4 hero points and gain 2 hero points per level, with a max of 4 at any one time.

See the particular background for number of starting traits (page 326 of Advanced Players Guide), starting gold, gear, and other bonuses like extra feats or skills.

Player Background Options

Players can be any of the standard races and almost any of the other races covered in the Advanced Race Guide (check with referee before selecting one of these but most are okay). I’m also flexible with starting backgrounds but here are some specific background options.

Background determines starting money and equipment, in addition to the other bonuses mentioned. A few of the backgrounds (e.g., Royal Family) have racial restrictions but in general, you can be any race, although you may need to explain why there is a noble house of kobolds, if you are kobold member of a noble family..

Some of the starting options may receive pay from time to time, but don’t expect it to be a significant source of income.

Generic What was described in the email. Not preferred.
Scrapper Living in a slum or sewer may not be glamorous but you do pick up a few things
Palace Palace Guardsman or Royal Family
Noble House Noble, Retainer, or Servant
Merchant Guild Merchant, Retainer, or Servant
Barbarian From the wilds
Military Orders Griffin Riders, Landser, Academy
Hinterlands Refugee or ‘seeking fortune in the big city’
Stilettos Thieves Guild with ties to the Palace

Creating Characters

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