A barbarian comes from beyond the settled lands. Although not from the behind the Shadow curtain, they might have a bloodline tainted by creatures of shadow (e.g., tiefling).

While a barbarian does not have to be the barbarian class, they do come from less settled lands where literacy and other hallmarks of civilization are rare.

As a barbarian:

  • You are illiterate
  • You cannot be a wizard, cleric, or other class that requires literacy
  • You start with 2 traits
  • You have an heirloom from the distance past or a battle trophy that is a magic item worth 4000 GP
  • You start with 10 gold and 150 gold worth of equipment
  • You start with a 6 hero points instead of 4, have a max of 8 hero points and gain three hero points per level instead of two. Furthermore, if the referee determines your use of a hero point was especially heroic, you do not lose the hero point and gain a XP bonus for the session. The bonus is 10% of what you need to go from start of current level to the next level.
  • You can select one of the following traits as a bonus: iron will, lightning reflexes, or great fortitude. Alternately, you can have both endurance and diehard.

Note that your foreignness is very distinctive due to accent, clothing and mannerisms.


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