City of a Thousand Towers

The Dark Temple

Note: Suchet has the royal background, which as a reminder, was available to all of you. One thing to remember about the royal family is that it is very large and other than the palace guard, every duty in the palace is carried out by a royal from the actual king and queen to the librarian, cook, and stable master. Suchet is also a kineticist from the Occult Adventures supplement, which is also available to everyone. I’d also recommend checking out the Advanced Class Guide which offers another take on multi-classing that is far more powerful than the standard method. Both of those guides are available at no cost as web pages on the Paizo site (or a $10 pdf download).

The party had reason to believe there was an evil temple beneath the city and the party was determined to find it. On the advice of Gareth of the temple to Iomedae (LG Goddess of valor, rulership, justice, honor) where they sold the necronomicon, the party planned a return to the dungeons beneath Tavia, but first they wanted to expand their ranks,

At the temple, they hired a warrior named Clem, to put a little stiffness into their front line. They also met Magda, a person tainted by demonic blood but one who seemed especially keen to fight demons. Finally, the temple priest Gareth seemed all to eager to push a young princess, Suchet, on them. Something a refugee from the royal palace, ostensibly for her ability to sit things alight with the flick of a finger, but perhaps more because she was a moodier than usual teenage, Suchet had come to rest in the temple.

Geared up and with a much larger group, the party headed back to the ruined tavern where there was a chasm that lead to the underground passage. Here, they found 20 of the city guard and stern warning from Captain Dellina that looting ruins without a permit was forbidden.

Legalities aside, when one of the guardsmen crawled from the chasm stiff and nearly frozen with some sort of poison, and the next bunch refused to enter, Dellina took the better part of valor and offered the party 50 gold per cockatrice beak, which Maria negotiated to 80.

Below, they found the 3 cockatrice and 2 ogres that had caused them trouble before. It proved a long fight against the cockatrices but the ogres fell swiftly since they had to squeeze through passage that were narrow for a hulking ogre. Everyone was duly impressed by Suchet’s fist’s of fire and even Blondie was thinking of a change of profession especially when his arrows proved much more useful for pock-mocking walls than skewering cockatrice.

Clem was the only one affected by the cockatrice paralyzation and he was quickly cured with fresh cocktrice blood. Angel Eyes ran the three cockatrice beaks and some blood (to cure the paralyzed guard) to Captain Dellina and she gave the party a bonus- paying 300g.

Pushing on the party found a natural passage that lead to another section of worked stone. (Note: we did not play that part but as part of that exploration, you did come across some side passages that you did not explore. Linko Phan almost certainly came from one of these side passages, not the path you have been using so there are clearly other ways into the underworld.)

In this section of the dungeon, you found a large circular room with a huge pit in the middle and side chambers. The place was strewn with fresh corpses: human guards wearing the livery of the Phan merchant family and kobolds, some of which were kobolds of unusual size (KUS). After taking out a few kobolds and Magda’s tango with a mummy he unearthed in a sarcophagus, the party came to terms with the kobolds who had Linko Phan pinned in a side chamber. A kobold was able to force a mummy back into its crypt with a holy symbol.

Linko, as it happens, was Angel Eyes’ assassination mark. While Angel Eyes does not know for sure that the assassination contract was a result of the Linko dealing with the dark arts, it seems quite likely because by all appearnces, Linko was in the dungeons to create a temple to Asmodeus.

Pretending to be a rescue party, Angel Eyes tricked Linko into coming out. While a powerful wizard with some fairly strong body guards, Linko and his surviving companions were very injured by the earlier fight with the naga and the kobolds. Linko and his guards were swiftly dispatched by the party.

It turns out that the kobolds serve a guardian of this place: Minolus, naga. The pit is an ancient source of evil and Minolus guards it against dark forces, which in this case turned out to be Linko Phan.

Game session stopped here since it was late. We’ll discuss loot and follow-up by email or forum, and I’ll try to remember to finish this thread out after the email discussion.



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