City of a Thousand Towers

The Temple of Pulchra Umbra

Korrigan, your Duergar guide, says you are less than two days travel to Pulchra Umbra, temple to Nocticula.

From what Amarilyna and Yola have told you through dreams, Ventrix and her demon lover are less than a week from the temple and seem to be traveling underground to get there.

As a reminder, your purpose is to recover the Crown of Iomedae, which you believe Ventrix intends to destroy at the temple so that she may ascend to mythic rank. Marselene is pretty sure that such an act would grant Ventrix such powers.

Marselene is very nervous about this whole “let’s attack a greater temple of a demon-lord” thing. If you must do it, she wants to destroy one of the key denizens or the temple’s altar itself, as that would most likely allow her to ascend, too, and give her some chance of surviving this perilous quest you are all on.

Marselene’s thoughts on her ascension
Marselene’s Knowledge of Pulchra Umbra

Offline, I’d like the party to determine what exactly they intend to do (intercept Ventrix, wait for them before the temple, destroy the temple and wait for them in the temple) and what other knowledge, items or allies they might try to acquire (the options for the last two are limited but not non-existent).



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