Welcome to the City of a Thousand Towers

This is a roll20 Pathfinder campaign (i.e., uses a virtual table top and is played with people calling in). We play 1-3 times per month, usually about 8:00PM Pacific Time Zone. We currently have 5 players but would consider 1-2 more.

Tavia was once the seat of a vast empire that ruled over a huge continent. As the mistress of a vast empire, she grew fabulously wealthy, drawing the best and most ambitious from across the land.

As the city grew crowded, the rich and powerful began to build upward, using magic to provide the infrastructure necessary to live in a tower. Clans, guilds, merchant houses, nobles, all vied for both glory and space by constructing towers that climbed ever higher until at its peak, the city held nearly a thousand towers (“City of a Thousand Towers” is an exaggeration, albeit not a gross one).

Except for a few imperially-associated towers, like the Palace, the WIzards School, and Riders, the towers are slender, built on a plot no more than 150 × 150 feet square, and often 100 × 100 or less, with the towers’ footprints, usually less than 75% of the plot. A “proper” tower soared at least 200 feet and many climbed over 400 with perhaps 10% going as high 750 feet, although at least 20% of the towers come from the earlier period of tower building and are squatter and shorter.

All was well in the Empire until 600 years ago, when the Curtain of Shadow descended in the far east of the continent. From this wall of shadow swept plague and corruption. None to live for long within its shadowy domain and as it slowly moved westward, it drove all before it. The few who remained were twisted into demonic shapes.

In the first hundred years after its appearance, it moved forward 100 miles, but this still left it 1500 miles from the Tavia and the impact was slight. Then the shadows leapt forward 500 miles, causing panic and despair, and claiming many more victims who could not outrun the curtain. With these vastly increased demon hordes, the effect of the shadow extended far beyond the land of shadow.

The Empire now faced an existential threat, one Emperor Adeltus could not handle, though he had reigned for 700 years. Adeltus would not relinquish power but he proved incapable of mustering the leaders and the forces necessary to stop the Shadow and its demons. He was first deposed and, then restored before being assassinated. Generals vied for the throne and spent more time fighting each other than the dark forces.

The Empire fragmented, the wealth that had once fueled Tavia dried up. Towers became abandoned. Deprived of the magic that sustained them, the tallest fell, often taking several neighbors with them as they collapsed.

Today, Tavia is a city state with a healthy hinterland to the west. To the east, there is still good farmland but the Curtain lies less than 100 miles away in that direction and demonic raiders have plundered much of the land to the city and beyond. The current ruler, King Tuller is competent and sees to the maintenance of the remaining towers and a strong army that mostly keeps the demons at bay but with every year the curtain draws closer. Even if the curtain does not leap forward as it has done twice before since it appeared, its steady march forward threatens to overall the city.

Tavia is the largest and most powerful city-state of what remains unblighted on the continent but there are several others nearby, sometimes aiding each other, often squabbling.

City of a Thousand Towers

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