These dreams occurred the night before the battle described in Temple Aflame.

Angel Eyes’ Dream:
In the dream, a silver dragon battles a creature of smoke and flame. The battle rages back and forth across the city. The creatures are gigantic, supernatural in size. They knock down whole towers, leave great chasms in the ground.

After half the city is in ruin, the two find themselves, tired and bloody, on the opposite sides of a large chasm. You are at the tip of the chasm, where it first opens up. You look down into and see the pit-temple that the naga as been guarding. In the dirt and dust at the bottom are large, lumpy black, shiny rocks. The rocks begin to glow. Within them you can see demons swirling, trying to claw themselves free.

Standing at the tip of the chasm, on your right is the dragon. On your left is the demon. Both beseech you for aid. At the foot of demon appears a vision of vast wealth. At the foot of the dragon appears a vision of noble knights battling the dark forces.

The dream ended with each beckoning you to their side of the chasm.

Maria, Dagda and Blondie:

In the dream, a dark, demonic hand snatches the crown. The crown is supple, the medallions are linked together sort of link a chain. The hand flings the crown onto the ground, which is thick with dirt and refuse. The crown is torn apart and the medallions scatter. Each lands on a shiny black stone. The stone glows red. The medallions glow white. There’s a bright flash. Stones and medallions are now gone, but so is much of the dirt which has been flung up and to the sides of a large, wide shaft, which you recognize to be the temple pit that the naga has been guarding.

At the bottom of the pit, there was seven irregular shaped, shiny black rocks. Three are cracked and seep what looks like blood. Four are whole. From the four comes waves of purple-black energy, something you feel more than see. The ground cracks. From the crack first comes sparks and cinders, then burning sulfur as the crack grows. Finally demons emerge.


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