Trina Descoli

Usually in human form as a paladin, with a slight build and silver-gray eyes. As a dragon she is not large (she's still young)


Trina was raised by her parents among the Torun Islands, mostly rocky isles, some with towering peaks. There she learned to cloud walk and to feed on the bounty of the sea, as well as more scholarly arts.

At the request of her father, who told her she could be of service to the good people of the world, she flew east and, pretending to be human, joined an order of paladins. On the flight east, shortly after she left the isles, she passed through a silvery rain. It was in this guise that she met the party, although she revealed herself in the battle to keep Iomedae’s crown from the stone demon of exceptional power.

After the battle, she and the party both decided it would be good to learn more from her father, so, with Bedip, she attempted to fly back to Torun, only to find empty sea. She now thinks the silver rain was some sort of veil between worlds, possibly a portal from the heavens to the mortal realm.

Though she knows her father and mother to be ancient and powerful, she does not know if they are also in any way divine or part divine, although she has started to wonder.

Additionally, during the battle with the stone demon, while the party members had great difficulty harming the demon, despite their magic weapons and enchantments, she did not, which makes her wonder about her own heritage.

Trina Descoli

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