Linko Phan (dead)


Linko was a high ranking member of the Phan merchant family. He was found at barricaded int the dark temple under ground where, it appears, he had planned to create a temple to Asmodeus but was thwarted by the guardian Naga Minolus and his kobolds. Although he did manage to feeblemind Minolus, the naga’s kobolds dispathed most of the Linko’s guards and badly wounded Linko.

Angel Eyes had an assassination contract against Linko, which he fulfilled by tricking Linko into coming out of where the kobolds had him holed up.

Linko was found with a scroll describing how to create a temple to Asmodeus (similar to the Necronomicon the party found on the half demon/ogre).


Linko Phan (dead)

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