City of a Thousand Towers

Ventrix nears

Yolo and Amarilyna (her succubus lover) sent a clear dream message that Ventrix was at the slots- a place your guide Korrigan tells you is about 5-6 days from the temple on a parallel path to your own.

The party considered various options but rather than risk cutting through the outer passages of the temple, they decided to try to intercept Ventrix by going around the temple and coming from the north. This is a much longer path so the party is now moving at great speed. A first march has brought them just past a ‘Y’, with the right hand going to the temple. They continued on the left.

A brief encounter with some duergar slavers resulted in some slaves being freed but others choosing safety over freedom. A bit later they encountered an inferno demon and his minions. It was a hard fought battle that depleted their powers substantially but the group won.

During the next rest, Blondie has a vision. [Jim, see play secret note on this post.]



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