City of a Thousand Towers

Purging Demons

The party arrives at the surface in Tavia in time to keep the King and Ventrice from kill each other. Ventrice, the leader of the paladins, came so close to killing the king that Iomedae withdrew her blessing (and her paladin powers). Ventrice seems to have accepted her punishment and has withdrawn to the dungeons of the paladin’s order.

At the battle between the king and Ventrice, a giant eagle appeared, proving to be a powerful sky druid, Yola.

Afterwards, based on a vision Blondie received, they travel to Yola’s moonwell to bless their weapons. They find it high the mountains guarded by elementals of incredible power. Yola, recognizing that her magic sickle seems to want Dagda, loans her weapon to him and with the aid of the party, the elementals are destroyed. The elementals appear to have been lead by a succubus that the party shot from the sky. She feel into the moonwell, and like their weapons, was blessed, in this case becoming a rather confused good succubus. For now, she has promised to protect the moonwell.

The players weapons are now blessed with the holy effect (+2 to hit, 2d6 damage vs. evil).



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