City of a Thousand Towers

Chaos in Tavia

This is just a high level summary because I forgot to write it up the weekend of the session and it is already getting a little hazy.

A month of revelry at the fairie queen’s court passed in a blur. Blondie spent most of the time at the queen’s side, clearly her favorite and still, even having left the woods, bearing her mark (something Marselene warns may carry a price some day). Angel Eyes spent much of his time making leaps and vaults of ever more preposterous distances until from standing still, he could vault into the rafters and from a run, he could leap over the hunting lodge.

The faerie king proved quite voluble, and entirely forgiving of being decapitated, presiding from the hearth where his head is mounted. Though still called the king for honorary reasons, it is now the queen, restored to her mind, who rules.

For their aid, she granted everyone in the party a parting gift, and of course, granted Blondie the hunter’s bow, which has already seemed to have bonded to him more than any other bearer.

One night Maria received a curiously slow and drawn out message from Father Gareth, which she recognized to be a magically sending, telling of chaos in the city. The queen gave leave to the party to part and the dryad Lala once again conveyed the group to the other side, this time to mortal lands.

Note to players, if some of you want a faerie companion, let me know.

Returning to Tavia, the party found that only 2 days had passed in their realm but it had been a catastrophic two days: the Paladin Order had attacked the king. With the aid of a wizard, they had disintegrate the towers under pinnings. The attack proved only partially successful (the paladins apparently do not muster an engineer among them… if they do, that paladin was not entirely behind their leader’s plan). In any case, the partial collapse killed hundreds but did not disturb the core of the palace.

The palace guard mustered to the king and the forces of both battle in the streets. In the meantime, bands of demons have broken into the city, spreading chaos. One especially disturbing form of chaos was a black ice that seemed to spread from the sewer openings.

The paladin leader Ventrice swore the King is a demon and demanded the party’s help in destroying him. The king’s representatives swear the same about the Paladin queen. The party thinks neither is likely to be a demon, although the magic of Ankou demons are strong enough to thwart even a true seeing so it is possible either or both are demons.

Not wishing to make matters worse, and fearful of that the black ice in the sewers indicated a demon attempt to free the tears of Asmodeus, much less guarded since Ventrice had recalled the paladin guard for her attack on the palace, the party went to the Dark Temple. There they found the naga guardian and all the kobolds slain (although it turns out Bedip was not among the fallen). A beholder over the pit turned out to be an illusion cast by an ice demon. The black ice itself was the corrupted breath of a pair of powerful white dragons, about the size of Mataran but quite potent.

The black ice was deadly and kept the group spreadout. A wall of ice cast by the demon in an attempt to trap Angel Eyes in the pit with him was destroyed by fire but released a cloud of blinding fog which further complicated things but in the end, the party was victorious.

The tears of Asmodeus are once again safe. However, the city above is still in case, demons roam the streets and after momentarily blanking out, Blondie looks somewhat ashen faced. (Only Jim will be able to read his vision.)



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